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Collaborators from across campus and throughout the nation are involved in the Center's open experiments, sponsored programs and industry workstreams in new technology.


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Virtual Reality

The Virtual Reality workstream features the work of a network of journalists, scientists, programmers, artists and scholars exploring new forms immersive storytelling, virtual reality, 3-D imaging, and 360° narrative. This work includes investigation into new story forms and conventions, audience delivery, production workflow and problem solving, as well as technology reviews.

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Augmented and Mixed Reality

The Augmented Reality workstream features experiments in augmented reality, mixed reality, and multisensory storytelling in both journalism and strategic communications. AR represents a blend of the digital and real world in which digital content is superimposed over physical reality and can be accessed through mobile devices, AR headsets, or projection mapping.

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Neuro Interface, Artificial Intelligence

The Neuro Interface workstream includes a diverse set of experiments investigating brain computer interface in journalism and strategic communications. This research has implications for new forms of storytelling, interactivity and gaming integrating deep learning and neural network modeling, user and consumer behavior research, as well as addressing issues of privacy and ethics in this emerging field.

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Sensor Journalism

Our work in sensor journalism is part of our Internet of Things (IoT) workstream focused on new markets in IoT with disruptive potential across the journalism enterprise, including new forms of sensor journalism; reporting with networked smart objects; storytelling with beacons, and more.