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The Media Innovation Center

We have an open-door, co-innovation philosophy and embrace innovation for social change. We believe every community should have the access, tools and skills to shape its own story, identity and future. Collaborators welcome.


Bob Britten


Creating Data Visuals to Tell Your Stories

Friday, April 30  |  9-11 a.m.
with  Bob Britten

Charts, maps and diagrams are fantastic ways to tell detailed parts of a story, but where do you begin? In this workshop, you'll learn both on- and off-computer strategies for approaching data sets of all sizes and producing clear, informative information graphics for print or screen. You'll learn the basics of making sense of data in a spreadsheet and use free tools like Infogram,, and others to choose and create the right charts to show what you know. By the end, you'll have completed a simple data story and will have the tools to create new ones on your own.

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Emily Corio


Podcasting with a Purpose

Wednesday, May 12  |  9-11 a.m.
with Emily Corio

Learn the basic elements of creating a podcast that captures attention and builds an audience. Hands-on activities during this two-hour workshop will involve idea creation and audio skills practice that will help participants with podcast development.

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Joel Beeson and David Smith


Immersive Storytelling with Augmented and Virtual Reality

Wednesday, May 26  |  9-11 a.m.
with Joel Beeson and David Smith

Learn how and why to use augmented and virtual reality to create more immersive stories that engage audiences on social media and through event-based experiences. Participants will learn the basics of 360-degree video and go beyond simple face filters to produce augmented reality for Instagram and Facebook.

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Heather Cole


Scrolling Through Time

Wednesday, June 9  |  9-11 a.m.
with Heather Cole and Jeffrey Moser

The use of scrolling for storytelling in the arts has been around for thousands of years, however, did you know there are modern adaptations of ‘scrollytelling’? Explore methods of visual design in relation to the classic story arc. Learn the basics of the medium through ancient art, a bit of code, and beginning Adobe Photoshop skills. Investigate linear, visual storytelling techniques, developing ideas from sketches to finished work. Learn the history of scrolling storytelling from Chinese handscrolls to scrolling parallax video games.

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