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What I've Learned Has Made Me Better

           Matewan TeamAs the semester comes to end, a lot has happened. We have finished our work, and have presented our finished product to our clients. This has been quite the experience!

            I knew coming into this class that I would have to work extremely hard. I had Dr. Colistra for my research course last year, and when I first met her, I thought to myself, "wow, this woman means business!" My thoughts were 100% accurate. Working with Dr. C, Kelly Williams, and the #Colistra459 team has changed my work ethic for the better. This semester, I have worked harder than I ever had before. I have challenged myself every single week, and for that reason, I feel like I have developed a new, productive work ethic.

            Something incredible happened when I was pushed outside of my comfort zone: I learned to manage tasks on my own. Whether it was looking up helpful directions online or seeking advice from professors, the willingness to do whatever I could in order to complete the task is what made me a better worker. I have also learned to produce the highest quality of work possible. The whole class is graded on every assignment that is completed. Making sure that my work was correct and was what Dr. Colistra was looking for affected the whole team. I was held accountable and was expected to produce top-notch work.

            Another great lesson I learned this semester was how to be a better team player. Tasks in capstone were sometimes daunting; seeking help from other classmates was expected. It was important to also offer help. No matter what realm of the capstone the task was intended for, there is always room for help. The better the team worked together, the better the work was, simple as that. I tried to offer my help a lot this semester and because of that, I have a well-rounded work relationship with every team member. They now trust me, and I, in-turn, trust them.

            I also learned this semester is to trust Dr. Colistra. She purposely put my back against the wall just because she was trying to unleash my true potential. She sees the best in all of her students, and she also knows how far to push them. A true mentor is one that works to make you a better person and worker. I fully trust Dr. Colistra. She was constantly working hard to ensure that the campaign was successful and that her students will be successful. One of my favorite quotes I will always remember from Dr. C is “Momma C has got your back!” Believe it, and trust her vision.

            In all, I am extremely happy that I was in the capstone class. I was fortunate enough to get a full-time job offer before the class. I could’ve taken and easier route in competing my senior semesters. Instead, I knew that taking Dr. Colistra’s class would make me a much better person. I see improvements in the person I am, especially in a work setting. Taking this class was one of the best decisions of my life. I am very grateful to have been part of a great team, part of a great project, and now a #ColistraKid.