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Improvise, Overcome, Adapt

At about noon Monday, May 2, I realized my capstone was finally over. My honest and first reaction was relief that it was finally all over and that I could relax before graduation. Shortly after that initial feeling, those emotions turned into a bittersweet sensation and realization that my time with the RF Branding Group and the Grafton community was coming to an end.

Throughout your time in college, you think your capstone class is a million years away and that you will never see the day when you actually have to sign up for it. Well, here I was watching my colleagues present our final branding initiative project in my last capstone class with my heart on my shoulder. Watching members of the RF Branding Group present our final campaign made me leave the media innovation lab with such a sense of accomplishment and inspiration.

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A Farewell To Brand Whitesville...

If you asked me five months ago about my thoughts on Whitesville, the answer would have been completely different than what it would be today. Five months ago, I would have said it was a small, dying town in the middle of nowhere. Five months ago, I would have told someone it’s a town you drive by, just to forget 10 minutes later.

Merely looking back five months ago, it genuinely upsets me that I thought the way I did about Whitesville. I have learned so much, and feel as if I’m a part of this southern West Virginia town. When thinking of a branding project, people tend to focus on what they can change to make a place better. In this case however, nothing actually needed to be changed in Whitesville. We wanted outsiders, as well as those on the inside, who may have lost some hope, to see just how truly wonderful the place they live in is. 

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To Brand or Not To Brand: Not a Question

Branding. It’s a word that gets tossed around a lot in the business world. But so many seem to be unaware of what it’s really all about. People think of it as simply creating a new logo and color scheme and slapping it up on their business window, website, or the top of a piece of stationary and leaving it at that. Branding goes far beyond just a logo, even though logos are a key part of a branding effort. Throughout the course of creating the new brand for Grafton, I’ve learned plenty about putting branding into action and why it’s important for all businesses and organizations. Small businesses might have the most to benefit from creating an effective brand. Creating a solid identity that people will be able to think of when they think of the business will make the organization stand out in the consumer’s mind.


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Whitesville Advocate: Meet Adam Pauley

Pauley grew up in Whitesville and has always called it home. He has lived in Whitesville for his whole life, with the exception of the four years he spent at Concord University in Athens, W.Va. During his time at college, he received a scholarship and had the opportunity to study a semester abroad at the University of Salzburg in Austria.  Upon returning, he finished his last year at Concord and then received a graduate assistantship with the College of Business & Economics at West Virginia University through which he was able to earn his Master’s degree. After finishing his schooling, he accepted a job offer in the Charleston, W Va. area that prompted him to move back to Whitesville area and commute to work. This gave him the chance to once again live in the place he considers home. 

Adam Pauley

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Looking Back: How Research Rocked Our Campaign

“A brand is not just a logo, a website, or your business card, it’s an experience," -Unknown. After careful research and evaluation, Team Metamorphosis was able to understand just how to make Whitesville’s brand all about the experience. Research laid a critical foundation for the brand’s identity and helped develop a message that represented what the town has stood for all along; Whitesville “feels like home.”  


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The End of the Line

Everyone has heard of the caboose on the end of a train. But what was the real purpose of them? Were they just filled with coal like all the other train cars? And why did we used to see conductors standing at the back of them years ago, but not anymore?

Going Back in Time

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Stamp Your WV Passport- Where To Next?

Boone County has maintained its status as one of America's best-kept secrets since its formation in 1847. Nestled deep within the heart of the rolling West Virginia mountains, the county is home to limitless scenic views, free flowing rivers and opportunities for exploration.

Towering trees, vast rivers and hiking trails make up the Route 3 region’s landscape and are accompanied by diverse plant and animal life and varying landmarks. Enjoying the great outdoors while embracing the historical attributes of the area provides entertainment and enrichment to all who visit. Who wouldn’t want to touch a piece of history while breathing in fresh mountain air?

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How To Execute Your First Brand Launch, Rain or Shine

The Start of Something New

This past weekend, my senior capstone class took our final trip to Whitesville, W.Va. We had visited two times prior to this to see the town for ourselves and to connect the community. These trips helped our class get a sense of what this community needed and would benefit the most from our brand.

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A Crash Course on Writing Effective Web Copy

You might be asking yourself what is web copy? Well, web copy is basically the bones of your website. It is the core text that guides people through your site and tells them what they need to know. It is the writing that is on your home page and all the other main pages. Now, how do you write website copy and do it effectively?

Writing for the web is much different than writing for print publications or writing a book. It is important to remember that content drives readership. The quality of your web copy will determine whether your message is read or simply overlooked. Here are five tips to help you write web copy effectively:

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