Ahead of the Curve


Whether she’s teaching students to use cutting-edge 3-D imagery or challenging them to be Wikipedians, Professor Nancy Andrews never misses an opportunity to bring innovation to the classroom.

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Visualizing the Air We Breathe

coal miner images

As part of the “Sensing the Environment” workshop, the College of Media unveiled its first photo exhibit to be showcased at the Media Innovation Center.

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Disrupting the Narrative

Danese Kenon

Students at the WVU Reed College of Media are exploring new forms of technology to enhance their storytelling.

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Doing Sensor Journalism: The Workshop

writing on dry erase board

As a follow-up to the fall 2015 sensor journalism project with Innovators-in-Residence John Keefe of WNYC and Dave Mistich from West Virginia Public Broadcasting, the College hosted a Water Sensor workshop in April to give journalists hands-on experience with DIY sensors. Presenters included Don Blair, a research affiliate at MIT Media Lab; Jillian Clemente, a sophomore journalism and wildlife and fisheries major; Professor Jason Hubbart, director of the WVU institute for Water Security and Science; Colleen Good and Shishira Sreenivas, journalism graduate students; and Nicolas Zegre, a professor of forest hydrology.

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Message From A Bottle

sensor journalism

A jumble of cables, a battery and a circuit board stuffed inside a Gatorade bottle - it could be mistaken for trash. However, students at the WVU Reed College of Media are using this inexpensive, open-source device known as a Riffle (Remote Independent Friendly Field-Logger Electronics) to gather independent data and increase public awareness of water contamination issues. 

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The Future Is Now

Virtual reality

The new 10,000 square foot Media Innovation Center, located in the newly built Evansdale Crossing Building, provides both a technology sandbox for media students and faculty and a gathering place to foster cross-disciplinary collaboration and creative problem solving for journalism and the media industry.

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